20 Best Paying Jobs in Home Furnishings (2022)

Do you have a passion for furniture? Are you looking for a career in the home furnishings industry? If so, you’re in luck!

In this article, we will take a look at the 20 best paying professions in home furniture making in 2022.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Home Furnishings

Interior Designer

Average base salary: $54,118 per year

An interior designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of a home.

They take into account the homeowners’ style preferences, as well as the function of each room.

Interior designers use their creativity and knowledge of space to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

In order to be successful in this field, you must have a strong understanding of color, light, and space.

You must also be able to communicate your vision to clients and contractors.


Average base salary: $106,250 per year

The architect is responsible for the design of the house, from the drawing of the floor to the roof.

They must consider the functionality of each room as well as the aesthetic appeal.

Specialists must be able to create drawings and models that accurately reflect their vision.

They must also be able to work with clients and listen to their requests and views.

Architectural Engineer

Average base salary: $58,504 per year

The architectural engineer is responsible for the structural design of the house.

They considers all the parameters and factors necessary for the structure of the home, including the weight of materials, the climate, and the foundation of the home.

A knowledge of physics and mathematics is essential for an architectural engineer, as they calculate every detail to create safe and stable structures.

Design Consultant

Average base salary: $67,784 per year

Design consultants help clients create the perfect appearance for their homes.

In making recommendations, they take into account the style, budget, and needs of the individual client.

Important knowledge here is awareness of the latest trends and the ability to combine different types of furniture. Also, soft skills are needed to communicate effectively with clients and understand their vision.

Furniture Designer

Average base salary: $54,937 per year

The designer is responsible for the appearance of the furniture.

They are well-versed in the materials used in construction and know how to create both functional and beautiful pieces.

It is not uncommon to work individually with clients to create a unique design and an iconic piece that meets all of the customer’s needs.

This job requires creativity, as well as manual dexterity and an eye for detail.

Furniture Maker

Average base salary: $42,520 per year

Furniture makers not only create but also repair furniture, and some even restore antique pieces of furnishing.

The main duty of furniture makers is a good command of tools, the ability to work with their hands, and an understanding of working materials.

Furniture Restorer

Average base salary: $58,976 per year

In this case, the master works with furniture that has material or memorable value to the owner.

He needs to return the item to its original condition, as it was when he bought it.

To get the job, you either need to have an education, related to furniture renovation, or experience in restoring things. More often than not, both items will be required.

Real Estate Agent

Average base salary: $49,151 per year

A real estate agent’s job is to find the perfect home for the client.

They must consider the buyer’s budget, location and style preferences.

They must also have knowledge of the housing market and be able to negotiate on behalf of their clients.

This job requires excellent communication and analytical skills.


Average base salary: $45,000 per year

The upholsterer is responsible for the fabric upholstery of furniture.

This job requires creativity and attention to detail as well as manual dexterity.

They often work with individual clients to create a special design.

To succeed in this field, you need to be creative, understand the technical part of the business, be able to have a dialogue and listen to customers’ wishes.


Average base salary: $68,921 per year

The draftsman is responsible for creating the drawings and plans that are used by the builder during construction.

Key skills include the ability to take an architect’s intent and turn it into a detailed plan.

It is good for the draftsman to understand building codes and regulations in order to create a safe and resilient structure.

This job requires superior drawing skills as well as knowledge of physics and mathematics.

Design Architect

Average base salary: $64,457 per year

The architect-designer is responsible for the overall look of the project.

It is his responsibility to dialogue with the client to develop a style that meets their needs and budget.

More often than not, architect-designers have their own team of engineers and builders who understand the idea and design and can clearly bring the idea to life.

This job requires excellent communication, creativity, management and leadership skills.

Architectural Technician

Average base salary: $62,121 per year

The architectural technical’s main job is to develop the design of the knowledge.

He comes up with the structure together with the architects and tells them whether the original idea is feasible and practical, and what materials are needed.

The main skills of the technician are the ability to sketch drawings, and understand the principles of building design and construction management.

Furniture Sales Consultant

Average base salary: $112,870 per year

A sales assistant is responsible for finding new customers and selling furniture.

It is important for the consultant to have knowledge of the furniture market, trends and tendencies, to understand customers and find them the right thing for their needs and desires. This job requires excellent communication, negotiation and organizational skills.

Interior Decorator

Average base salary: $53,196 per year

An interior decorator’s job is to make a room beautiful and comfortable.

The peculiarity of the work lies in the creation of unique designs for different clients according to their tastes. This requires good communication skills.

In addition, decorators must be creative people who know the market well, know how to work in a team and can competently combine different types of furniture and materials.

This work requires excellent communication, creative and organizational skills.

Home Stager

Average base salary: $49,616 per year

The Home Stager is the person who designs the color scheme, decor, and furnishings for typical apartments in complexes or newly built communities.

The main task is to give a room an attractive look but in order to give the client the opportunity to change the environment independently and easily if they want to.

Home Designer

Average base salary: $45,567 per year

A home designer’s job is to create an aesthetically beautiful and functional space.

They are involved in decorating a home after construction and must understand furniture, different color schemes, flooring and windows.

Space Planner

Average base salary: $106,933 per year

When a company or individual client is not able to properly plan a space on their own, taking into account all the data, Space Planner helps them.

It is their responsibility to determine the space that will be used for furniture and equipment, as well as for some other design solutions.

To work, they need creativity, the ability to analyze the information received, and of course, access to the original data of the room.

Architectural Designer

Average base salary: $62,979 per year

The main task of the designer is to create a full-scale project. Consequently, he or she doesn’t focus heavily on small goals and buildings, but builds a full picture, taking into account the surroundings and the area.

The basic skills are general knowledge of documents and requirements, soft skills and a sense of creativity.

Kitchen and Bath Designer

Average base salary: $54,582 per year

Most often, it is kitchens and bathrooms want to see in the same style, so such craftsmen plan and create sets in accordance with the desires of buyers.

They come in after the main repair and do the layout.

Special skills, which kitchen and bath designers should have, include knowledge of the market and its trends, the ability to properly combine colors, create appropriate décor, and properly distribute light.

Floral Designer

Average base salary: $38,541 per year

The importance of florists cannot be underestimated. With the help of flowers, they decorate houses, cafes, restaurants and other locations with flowers, setting the tone for the event.

The main criterion, of course, is a subtle sense of taste and the ability to understand colors, as well as an aesthetic flair in order to choose flowers and arrange them according to the theme of the event.

Cabinet Maker

Average base salary: $65,233 per year

A cabinetmaker makes furniture, most often for a builder, but sometimes they make custom cabinetry.

The master must work well with tools, know the properties of different materials and their advantages in different environments, understand the processing methods.

What is Home Furniture Making?

Home furniture manufacturing generally refers to the construction or production of indoor furnishings such as chairs, tables, cabinets, and other household items.

This industry employs a variety of professionals, including cabinetmakers, upholsterers, woodworkers and so on.

It includes both the production of finished wood products and the assembly of parts into finished products.

Businesses in this industry may produce one type of product or different types (e.g., an entire one-style kitchen).

Is Home Furnishings a Good Career Path?

If you’re passionate about furniture and have an eye for detail, a career in home furnishings could be a great fit for you!

Not only is it a creative and challenging field, but it also offers many opportunities for advancement.

And with the right skills and experience, you could potentially earn a high salary in this field.

What Do I Need to Become Successful in Home Furnishings?

While each position in the home furnishings industry requires different skills and abilities, there are some qualities that will help you succeed in any role.

Some of these include:

  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Manual dexterity
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong work ethic

If you have these qualities and are interested in creating artwork, then you will definitely be successful in your field, and you will be paid accordingly!

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